East End UMC's historic church building was hit by a tornado that ripped through East Nashville on March 3, 2020. The building was heavily damaged and rendered structurally unsound.


A short time after the tornado, with heavy yet hopeful hearts, the people of East End United Methodist Church began working on making plans to rebuild. 


A group of East End UMC members has been meeting with architects, project managers, contractors, and denominational representatives for over a year working toward returning our congregation to its home.



Video Detailing All The Latest Potential Plans and Designs for the East End UMC Building Committee

Potential Timeline


What is a Building Committee?

In the UMC, a building committee is elected by a local church's Administrative Council to make plans and recommendations for the church to consider when the church is undertaking a large capital project. 

East End's Administrative Council elected the building committee as a Charge Conference in August of 2020.

Building Committee Members

David Bone

Jessica Dragonetti

Daniel Foster

Craig Kennedy

Cori Morris

Andrea Walter

Mark Sanders

Scott Marshall-Kimball (Staff Liaison)

Working With The Building Committee


Architect -EOA Architects

Owner's Representative - Steve Rutland

General Contractor - American Constructors

FEMA Consultant - DCMC Partners

TNUMC Reps - John Pearce, Bishop Bill McAlilly, Rev. Scott Aleridge







Building Committees do not have the power to make decisions on behalf of the church, but are tasked with submitting recommendations for approval of both the local church and the local church's District Committee on Location and Building.


East End UMC's Building Committee is currently close initiating steps 2 and 3 of the multi-layered approval project and should have a date for the church conference on approval of preliminary designs and financial plans for the project soon.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the building project you can reach out to EEUMC's Building Committee directly by emailing eastendrebuilding@gmail.com.


EEUMC Will Use Several Sources to Fund the $11,000,000 Project Budget


East End UMC received approximately $5 Million dollars in insurance proceeds after the building was ruled to be a "Total Loss." These funds make up almost half of the amount of money needed rebuild the church in a similar footprint as the current building while making required code and safety upgrades. 




In 2018, churches became eligible for assistance from FEMA's Private Non-Profit assistance program. In cases of Federally  Declared Disasters FEMA pays eligible Non-Profits 75% of the gap between the insurance funds the Non-Profit receives and the total cost of the Non-Profit's repair or replacement project.


East End UMC has been working with FEMA and will likely be receiving a federal assistance grant of approximately $4.5 Million.


East End UMC is currently working through the Hope On Holly Capital Campaign, which has a goal of raising a minimum of $1 million dollars to go toward paying off the remainder of the project's cost without incurring large amounts of debt for the church.


For more information on the Hope On Holly Campaign Click Here