East End UMC's historic church building was hit by a tornado that ripped through East Nashville on March 3, 2020. The building was heavily damaged and rendered structurally unsound.


A short time after the tornado, with heavy yet hopeful hearts, the people of East End United Methodist Church began working on making plans to rebuild. 


A group of East End UMC members has been meeting with architects, project managers, contractors, and denominational representatives for over a year working toward returning our congregation to its home.




What is a Building Committee?

In the UMC, a building committee is elected by a local church's Administrative Council to make plans and recommendations for the church to consider when the church is undertaking a large capital project. 

East End's Administrative Council elected the building committee as a Charge Conference in August of 2020.

Building Committee Members


David Bone

Jessica Dragonetti

Daniel Foster

Gil Gilliland

Howard Hale

Craig Kennedy

Cori Morris

Mark Sanders


Kim Harvey (At-Large)

Tom Scott (2023 Finance Chair/FEMA Liaison)

Brandon Baxter (Staff Liaison)

Working With The Building Committee


EOA Architects - Tracey Ford

Owner's Representative - Steve Rutland

American Constructors - John Madole

FEMA Consultant - DCMC Partners

TWKUMC Reps - John Pearce, Bishop Bill McAlilly, Rev. Jerry Wallace




Building Committees do not have the power to make decisions on behalf of the church, but are tasked with submitting recommendations for approval of both the local church and the local church's District Committee on Location and Building.


East End UMC's Building Committee is currently close initiating steps 4 and 5 of the multi-layered approval project and should have a date for the church conference on approval of preliminary designs and financial plans for the project soon.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the building project you can reach out to EEUMC's Building Committee directly by emailing eastendrebuilding@gmail.com.


East End UMC will be able to fully fund our building project using three funding sources


East End UMC received approximately $5 Million dollars in insurance proceeds after the building was ruled to be a "Total Loss." These funds make up almost half of the amount of money needed rebuild the church in a similar footprint as the current building while making required code and safety upgrades. 


In 2018, churches became eligible for assistance from FEMA's Private Non-Profit assistance program. In cases of Federally  Declared Disasters FEMA pays eligible Non-Profits 75% of the gap between the insurance funds the Non-Profit receives and the total cost of the Non-Profit's repair or replacement project.


In March of 2022, the Federal government changed the government cost share for project like East End's from 75%-90%. 


East End UMC has been working with FEMA and will likely be receiving a federal assistance grant of approximately over $7 Million.


Hope On Holly is the campaign to rebuild our church on the corner of Holly St and 13th Street after the tornado of March 3, 2020.


The goal of the Hope On Holly campaign was to raise a minimum of $1,000,000.00 to go toward the funding of our building project.


On October 31st our Hope On Holly Campaign chairs announced total pledges of $1,076,207.51! 


Additionally, Bishop Bill McAlilly of the Tennessee Annual Conference announced that the conference closed church fund would be issuing a record grant of $1,000,000 to support East End's rebuilding and operational needs.


East End has submitted our final bid to FEMA for congressional approval.

Construction will begin in April 2023.



What is the seating capacity in the sanctuary?
Old pews, refinishing to go into new sactuary?
Pews prints show 45 pews with seating count of 290 plus 6 accessible. Note has seating at 299 plus stage 65. Choir seating per web site three rows 9 + 7 + 7 = 23 total. Is this correct?
Maybe we should re-evaluate placing pews in the sanctuary; the group felt that pews greatly limit the use of sanctuary and that using chairs could make more flexible use of the space, a trend that we are seeing in many churches.  Some of the salvaged pews could be used as seating in lobby areas. This is a $76,300 plus expense that can buy nice stack chairs and  tables.
What is the seating capacity of the choir loft?
Can position of the choir loft ramp be reconsidered?
The Nursery and Children's area layout should be reviewed by the Children's Committee, including people with child care experience.
Could the doors to the entrances of the toddler commode area be eliminated to ensure visible sight lines?
It was noted that the sink requested for the restroom located in the toddler room is not shown on the prints. This is an important item; can this be added?
Where are water fountains located?
What are the 3 black lines across the hallway to check in?
Room 106 - Kitchen may only need one pantry room?
What is room 110 and is it required?
Is room 205 TLT for men and women?
Could the area under the north front porch be used as more interior space?
Where is Scout storage area?
Will the building be designed with smart controls for door locks, lighting, HVAC, security and sound systems?
Check with office staff regarding the best way to arrange offices.
Check with EOA to be sure plumbing floor drains have slopes specified.
Fellowship Hall Dining Final plans kitchen detail show picture of 24 tables with 6 chairs each equals 72 dining places, plans on the web site show 150 dining seats with picture of 24 tables with 6 chairs each equals 144 dining seats. Which is correct?


Should the transformer be next to the building at the southwest corner to make room for more parking spaces?
Will there be 29 parking spaces and 2 accessible parking spaces in the parking lot plus street parking, 7 spaces on Russell, 15 spaces on 13th St., and 16 spaces on Holly St. between 12th and 13th?
The parsonage garage needs to be next to the parsonage or attached.
Instead of locating the garage next to the church, away from the parsonage, would it be possible to put in a large carport behind the parsonage that can be for car parking and/or outdoor event space? Making this change would give us more accessible parking spaces. It was also suggested to put in a flip sign to make more accessible parking for larger events but change to regular parking on lesser used days. Note may change storm water requirements.
Could we request making the alley one way going from Holly to Russel?
Trash and recycle area: Can this area have gates so it's not seen?
There needs to be an exterior hose bib in trash and recycle area.
Great Hall Russell Street exterior door: Why is it recessed into the room? Is it better to not have a recessed for trash to accumulate in the recessed opening? Better to have a covered porch and/or sidewalk like the 13th street?
Can the flat roof over the kitchen and Great Hall be sloped style roofs?
Can we make the center flat roof a sloped shingle roof and to make more interior space at a very low cost. If height is a problem then this might be a good attic storage space.
Can the front porch cover be enlarged so all of the porch is covered so no post are on the porch and to keep rain water and snow/ice off the porch? The front porch steps need hand railing on both sides of the steps.
Can the park be included in the new rebuild plans to have a covered Pavilion space with a gas fireplace, electric plugs, lights, ceiling fans, and water?
Remove Stucco notes from the plan as all exterior is to be brick and stone.
Can we get plans for the landscaping and parking?
Can we make all electrical underground to eliminate alley and park wooden poles?
Does the lighting plan show adequate parking lot lighting?
Do all gutters empty into city storm drains?
Can we construct exterior signage frame using matching church brick and metal with an electronic screen that can be remotely programmed? It would be good to have corner sins at 12th & Holly and 13th & Holly. Also would be good to have sign at the parking lot entry to the building. Current plans show wooden post and plywood sign.
Will sprinklers be installed for landscaping?
Make 13th Street wider with angle parking from Holly to Russell Street. May need to move building back and/or acquire variance on set back rules.
Look into solar energy.
Are there any plans for Stained glass window lights?
Can the tower be used as a community resource and income for cameras, weather station for TV stations, police, weather?
Can we have lights on the exterior of the Tower/Steeple?
EV Charger?
Should removal of concrete slabs at the community wing and parsonage garage and parking be part of the fixed cost demo quote? As of 8/6/2022 it had not been done.
A3.02 Exterior Elevations view 4 "Brick pattern". Need to see bigger picture and be sure this is acceptable brick color and pattern. Please provide more information regarding the brick selection and laying pattern. Print shows white bricks with random laying patterns in some sections. Some considered as not pleasing or appropriate for our EEUMC.
Leave the wood ceiling as specified for the great hall for FEMA funding to replicate what we had; however if funds are running low would it be possible to use this money better for other areas of need? This is a $96,700 extra cost for wood.
Do we want all new sidewalks so everything looks the same?
A3.04 Building section 2 on lower left view I think should be labeled Looking North.
Add exterior electrical plugs at each HVAC for service.
HVAC - Check to be sure it is low noise system and setup to use MERV 13 filter to keep germs filtered out.
How to make exterior design of window sills and roof flat edges unfriendly to birds?
Can we review church north elevations between parsonage/office and education wing to improve drainage. Note elevation 510' at entry door and behind parsonage/office elevation is 512' and alley is 511'.


At East End UMC we believe in joyful giving that stems from gratitude for all that God has given to us. 


If you are interested in giving to our Hope On Holly Campaign, you can using the online giving form on this page or click HERE to go to our Giving page.


Please note if donations are for the General Operating budget or the Hope on Holly Campaign using the dropdown button.